Product Information

Flow Detector for Bulk Materials FIM-60

Product Description

● Description
It is an equipment to detect from outside the "little flow" of bulk materials (ores, metals, resins, glass, ceramic, foodstuffs, etc. ) in the pipe and/or duct. It is free from influence by air flow and impeding of the measured material flow to use special radio waves of high sensitivity.

● Features
・If ducts, pipes, etc. are made of materials which through the electric wave passes like synthetic resins, glass, ceramics, etc., it can be detected from the outside.
・It is mountable till ducts and pipes of 10mm to a few thousand mm of diameter, and widely adapted
・The optimum sensitivity adjustment can be easily carried out by two sensitivity dials. Further, a timer is incorporated, too.
・It can detects only the movement of materials without being influenced on the air flow.

Standard Specifications

Type  FIM-60 sensor section and receiving output section,
 one each 
 Frequency  20GHz
 Contact configuration  1C(NO, COM, and NO) max. 250VAC 4A, 30VDC, 3A
 Contact operation  NO-COM closed at the time of flow detection
 (LED lit in red)
 Service power supply  100VAC, 50/60Hz and 24VDC
 Power comsunption  3.5W
 Delay time   1 ~10 sec
 Ambient temperature  -5~+50℃
 Distance between the sensor section
 and the receiving output section
 Standard 10m(Extensidle max. 100m)
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