Product Information

Electrostatic Capacity Type Level Switch LIC-80 (small type)

Product Description

● Description
The  electrostatic capacity between electrode and a tank wall (in case of a dielectric substance, it is itself) changes when measured objects ( liquids, fines, slurry, etc.) contact electrode projecting in a tank .   This change is detected, and the electronic circuit in electrode carries out a conversion output into a relay signal (ON-OFF), and the existence of a measured matter is detected .   An alarm or control is performed .

Standard Specifications

Power Voltage  AC100V
 50/60Hz or DC24V
 Power consumption  3VA
 Output Contact Capacity  max 250V max 2A (resistance load)
 Stable>  Max. 0.5PF
 Allowable Ambient Temperature  -20~+55℃
 Allowable Temperature at Electrode Part  -30~+100℃
 Pressure Resistance at Electrode Part  10Kg/cm2
 Weight  approx. 1.5Kg
 Water-Proof Grade  IP43
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