Product Information

Ultrasonic Level Switch LIS-20

Product Description

● Description
LIS-20 can detect interface formed by different type liquids, sludge and solid level.   Detection is free from electrical fluctuation in an object to be measured.   Maintenance is carried out with ease because it has no mechanical moving part.

● Features
・Any object whose interface is unclear can be detected.
・Detection is carried out without regard to electrical fluctuation in an object to be measured.
・Since there is no mechanical moving section, it is of long life , and maintenance and inspection can be carried out with ease.
・Since a probe and a receiver form a bar unit, handling is simple.
・Completely enclosed construction of dust-proof and water-proof type protects the device from environmental interference.
・The optimum sensitivity adjustment can be obtained by adjusting sensitivity adjusting dial.
・Simple wiring for a power supply and signal lines (NO, COM and NC) is enough.

Standard Specifications

Input Voltage  AC100/110 200/220V 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption   10VA
 Output  1C relay contacts (NO, COM, NC), max. AC250V,  2A
 Color  7.5BG・6/1.5
 Weight  2.5Kg
 Termperature  -10~+60℃
 Pressure  20Kg/cm2 max.
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