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[Discontinued Product]15ppm BILGE ALARM FOCAS-1500c

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Product Description

● Description    
FOCAS-1500c Bilge Alarm serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in the bilge and other waste water produced on a ship.
FOCAS-1500c meets the requirement of IMO Resolution MEPC60 (33) and has type-approval from JG, and DOT.

● Features
・It measures only the oil concentration, free from affection of detergent and suspended solid matter in the water.
・The production of air bubbles is inhibited to permit stabilized measurement. 
・dual alarm system.   An oil content alarm is given when the oil concentration exceeds 15ppm and a set alarm is given in the event of input (sample water) or instrument failure.
・"CHECK" button giving simple operation test.
・Installation and connection are carried out with ease because it is samll and right.

Standard Specifications

Measuring Method  Turbidity by ultrasonic waves
 Measuring Cycle  about 17 sec. 
 Measuring Range  0~30ppm
 Measuring Accuracy  Within ±5ppm (at 15ppm)
 Measuring Pressure   0.2~3.0bar (about 0.02~0.3MPa)
 Measuring Water Temperature  2~45℃
 Alarm Setting  15ppm
 Ambient Temperature  0~55℃
 Allowable Humidity  max. 90%
 Variation Test   ±0.7G
 Angle of Inclination  22.5° from horizontal plane
 Sample Water Flow Rate  0.0002~0.003m3/min. (0.2~3 lit/min.)
 Power Supply Voltage  AC100, 110, 115, 220V ・ 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption  40W average (150VA max.)
 Weight  Approx. 7.5Kg
 Outside Dimension  255W×290H×158D 〔m/m〕
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