Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fellow Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") complies with the laws and other related laws concerning the protection of personal information about personal information deposited from customers in conducting business activities, and takes safety measures, etc. We will properly protect and manage and observe the following matters.

About the definition of personal information

We define information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc that can identify your individual as personal information.

About the range of use of personal information

We will use the personal information provided to you within the range of purpose indicated to you.

About acquiring personal information

When acquiring your personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of acquisition in advance and obtain minimum necessary personal information.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information acquired from customers will not be disclosed to third parties. However, if the following conditions are satisfied, information may be disclosed within the necessary minimum range.

  1. In case of customer's consent regarding information disclosure.
  2. Based on laws and ordinances
  3. In cases where disclosure of information is necessary to our outsourcer who has concluded a confidentiality agreement with us beforehand in order to carry out the services our company provides to customers.
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with the government, local governments or persons entrusted with them to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and ordinances

Management of personal information

The person in charge of management will strictly manage and supervise the acquired personal information. In addition, we will take necessary measures as necessary to prevent the leakage, loss, falsification of personal information.

Correction, deletion and browsing of personal information

We will promptly disclose information to customers about personal information acquired by us if there is a request from the customer for disclosure regarding the contents. However, if you can not verify your identity, if it causes serious obstacles to our business, that is not the case. In addition, we will promptly amend / delete the request, if customer requests modification / deletion concerning personal information, on condition that we meet the criteria defined by us.

About access analysis

For better service provision, we use access analysis to collect statistics information of web pages. By access analysis, we do not collect customer's personal information.

Regulatory compliance

Regarding the management of personal information, we will comply with the prescribed laws and regulations. If there is a revision of laws or regulations in the future, we will modify the above items according to its contents.

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