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Electrostatic Capacity Type Level Switch LIC-75(united with an amplifier type)

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Product Description

● Description
LIC-75 series can guarantee a high stability being adapted to a number of bad conditions with no consistency that the sewage has. It has gained widely public favor not only by domestic users but also that of overseas.

● Features
・Since a probe and receiver is incorporated, handling is simple.
・It has long life because there is no mechanical moving space, and the maintenance and inspection can be carried out with ease.
・Influence of adhesion matter to the electrode section can be suppressed to a minimum limit.
・It has high performance as the surface detector of oils and water (from high purity oils till bilges and sludge of ships). (patent pending)
・It keeps up the stabilized operation also for the solution containing salinity of more than 25%, or slurry.
・It can be fully applied to the strength of hydrogen ion concentration or wide-range variation.(Be careful of the wetted part material.)
・The corrosion resistance (acids, alkalis, etc.) has been considered enough.
・To prevent bad influence of surrounding environment, it has dust-proof and water-proof sealed construction.
・With a sensitivity adjustment dial, the optimum sensitivity adjustment can be carried out.
・The wiring is enough only with the power supply and signal lines (NO, COM, NC) .
・For the purpose of circuit protection against the trespass of the static electricity, the static electricity elimination circuit developed by our company has been incorporated. (patent pending)
・The device incorporating the electronic timer is also available. (patent pending)

Standard Specifications

Input Voltage  AC100/200V 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption  10VA
 Output  Relay contacts ON and OFF 1C contact (NO, COM, NC) 
 max.250V AC, 2A
 Sensitivity  0.5PF max. (80PF at the time of fixation)
 General Drift  1.5PF
 Ambient Temperature  -10~+55℃
 Color  7.5BG 6/1.5
 Weight  1.7Kg
 Option  Electronic timer type (built-in) 0~4min/0~5sec
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