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Throwing Type Level Meter LIP-220/230

Product Description

● Description
With our original technique that is based on the PIEZO resistant effect, LIP-220 solves measuring error by atmospheric pressure change that former type has .   In addition, to adapt a lot of new technique, it can serve high accuracy and highly reliable measurement .

● Features
・It carries systems that raise functionality such as small and right, an on-site display, adjusting function of digital display, output directions reversal switch, etc .
・Converter isolator incorporates random signal processing circuit .   Thunder resistance is also  thoroughgoing . 
・The detector is extremely narrow type of which the maximum diameter is 17mm, it helps to save the cost of protect pipes .   Dual line shield is adapted between transmitter and converter for long distance transmission .
・Diaphragm with corrosion resistance and SUS-316L housing are using for sensor .   It can cope with corrosive liquids as well .
・Measurement is possible only by hanging a detection part in liquid .   Since small and light detector is easy to raise, maintenance and inspection is carried out with ease .
・Detect section dose not have mechanical moving part, and free from maintenance .

Standard Specifications

● Specifications Detector…P220S, (P-220)
Measure Range  0~2m or 0~120m (under 0-2m is developing) 
 Accuracy  ±0.5%/FS
 Temperature Characteristic  1.offset:±0.02%FS/℃
 Accuracy Guaranteed Temperature  0~50℃ (must not freeze)
 Material  1.diaphram:Special resin (non-oil type) (op:SUS-316) outer diameter is φ17 (or φ23) .
 Load  Cable intensity:15Kg

● Specifications LIP-220 ()
Operation Voltage  DC15~27V
 Maximum Line Resistance  400Ω (in case of power input DC24V)
 Output Signal  DC4~20mA or DC20~4mA (change switch incorporated)
 Accuracy  ±0.4%
 Ambient Humidity  10~95%
 The Amount of Zero Point Change  -30~+70%/FS
 Others  LCD display
 4 steps of decimal point change (for example,  1.000 10.00 100.0 1000)
 Change switch for  display exclusive U.D is incorporated
 Display range 000~1110
 Case Structure
 Drop-proof type JIS-C0920 IP54
  1)Glass protection cover for LCD display window
  2)Shade cover
  3)Pipe attachment tools
 Pipe attachment tools and Glass protection cover for LCD display window or Shade cover can not be used together .

● Specifications Power supply and converter…PS-205 (built-in arrester isolation )
Power Supply  AC100/110 200/220V 50/60Hz
 Output Signal  DC4~20mA (with  transmitter line, signal line, arrester incorporated, isolation between transmitters)
 Maximum Line Resistance  1.Signal line : 750Ω
 2.Transmitter line : 400Ω
 Cable  CVVS 2C (transmitter line)
 Power consumption  max 6VA
 Accuracy  1.Linearity
 3.Power supply change : less than ±0.1/FS% (power supply change ±10%)
 Ambient Temperature  -15~+55℃
 Ambient Humidity  10~95%
 Response Speed  Less than 2S/FS random signal processing circuit incorporated
 Output Current Restrictions  1.Signal line : max 25mA (at the time of over input)
 2.Transmitter line : max 30mA (input terminal 1.2 at the time of short circuit)
 Case Structure
 In board storing type, black polycarobonate
 The adapter for din rail attachment
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