Product Information

Electrostatic Capacity Type Level Meter LIC-66 (for small-scale plants)

Product Description

● Description
LIC-66 is ultra-small designed that is considered with peculiar setting conditions of small-scale plants .   It can serve quick and delicate level measurement to introduce the latest electronics technique .   LIC-66 is an exclusive level switch that meets all needs and  breaks the concept of the conventional level meter .

● Features
・It has corrosion resistance (acid and alkali) structure .
・Mechanical moving parts are swept away in the electronic circuit by electro technology.   It has no malfunction .
・Since the electrode section forms a bar unit, handling is simple .   Maintenance and inspection are not necessary .
・It can keep stabilized operation even to collected dust, slurry, and so on .
・It has also the excellent performance in detection of oil, powder, etc .

Standard Specifications

Sensitivity  0.2PF
 Power Voltage  DC20~30V  AC100/200 (At the time of using converter)
 Relay  1C contact  Relay output 1C Upper and lower limit servable
 Pressure  10Kg/cm2 max
 Temperature  -20~50℃
 Cable  3m
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