Product Information

[Discontinued Product]Ultrasonic Level Meter LIU-320

Product Description

● Description
Differ from old type supersonic level meters, LIU-320 permits measuring all type of measured matters such as ores, bulk level, slurry, and refuse.   In addition, "higher-safety explosion-proof model" has been improved to measure chemicals, combustible materials, etc.

● Features

・ It can measure a wide range of measured matters such as fines (cement, collected dust, etc.), chemicals, ores, water supply and drainage, and snow.
・ Less polluted electrode because of non-contact with measured matters, and not affected by chemical changes due to vapor, gas, or chemicals because of its corrosion resisting structure.
・Using high water-proof IP-54 for the converter.
・It equips noise eliminator, and is designed to be high resistance to noise, surge, and thyristor noise. This permits continuously output.
・A self-diagnostic function using upper and lower contacts and many sensors is mounted.
・The output is an analog output of DC4 to 20 mA . The output circuit is isolated. Regarding the display, any desired unit such as %, m, and mm can be set as a value unit. Analog display can also be promoted by bar at the same time. This facilities checks in the work site.
・ Loop check simplified by using the test mode
・Easy ZERO SPAN adjustment.
・ With the CPU and memory mounted, any adjustment can be made by simple button operation according to the work site.
・ The converter can be installed on the wall or installed on a stanchion by using 50a pipe. They can be adapted to any work site by simple installation work and require only simple maintenance.

Standard Specifications

 Type   320-V 320-2 320-3 320-4
 Applicable power supply   AC100/110 200/220V ±10% 50/60Hz Option DC-24V
 Power consumption  13VA max.
 Output signal  4~20mA(Output range 3.5mA~21mA) Built-in isolator Up to load resistance 800Ω
 Overall accuracy  1.0% or less (full scale)
 Output resolution  0.1% (full scale)
 Display resolution  0.1mm/320-V 1mm/320-2 10mm/320-3 10mm/320-4
 Maximum measuring count  10times/sec.
 Alarm contact  Upper limit alarm 1c(NO COM NC)
 Lower limit alarm 1c(NO COM NC) Contact capacity : max. AC250V 2A
 Error alarm  1a(NO COM) Capacity : max. AC250V 2A
 Ambient temperature  -15~+55℃
 Ambient humidity  10~95%
 Installed terminal  Class 3 or higher
 Dedicated cable  Temperature sensor dedicated cable : RG62BU-2
 No temperature sensor : RG-63U
  200m max., each
 Case  Drip-proof and dust-proof structure : IP65 (Using power cable grounding) Material : ADC-12 Point color : 5Y7/1
 Dimensions nad weight  255W 290H 158D(mm) 4.8Kg
 Display unit  24 character and 2-line-character type LCD
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