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[Discontinued Product]Microwave Level Switch LIM-10/20

Product Description

● Description
Since a steady performance is obtained without being affected by temperature, pressure, wind, dust, oily adhesive matter, etc., LIM-20 which has ample application is best suited for a level detection under  sever condition for example in an urban rubbish gathering hopper.

● Features
・Non-contact detection to the measured object is not affected by any corrosion, contamination, wear, pressure, and etc.
・A steady performance is not affected by contamination and adherence of any foreign matter (tar, asphalt, paper, cloth, etc).
・Detection of inside matter can be carried out from outside of the container when container is made from non-conductive material such as synthetic resin, glass, ceramics, etc.
・Since high temperature dose not affect detection, we can detect an object at high temperature like a refuse incinerator, etc. from outside.
・Detection is not affected by dust, vapor, wind, pressure, etc., it can serve under sever condition.
・The type is selectable in accordance with requirements ; LIM-20Type has thin detecting beam, and Lim-10 Type has a high output.
・A long service life and simple maintenance are assured, because this switch has no mechanical moving part and it's detecting part is not affected by adherence of any foreign matter.
・A built-in electronic alarm and a sensitivity adjusting dial allows to carry out optimum sensitivity adjustment with ease.
・A small window about 10cm is required when the installation is made on a metallic tank.   Sensor with teflon resin are available as standard parts.
・The microwave dose not exert a bad influence upon health, resulting in a simple handling.

Standard Specifications

● Specifications (Transmitter and receiver)
Type  Transmitter LIM-10A
 Receiver LIM-10M
 Frequency  10.525GHz  24.15GHz
 Setting Distance  Standard 10m  10m
 Contact Configuration  1c (NO, COM, NC) receiver
 max. AC 250V 3A
 1c (NO, COM, NC) receiver
 max AC 250V 3A
 Contact Operation  Detecting : NO-COM : closed  Detecting : NO-COM : closed
 Power Voltage  DC 24V (±10%)  DC 24V (±10%)
 Power Consumption  LIM-10A 3.6W
 LIM-10P 1.6W
 LIM-10A 2.0W
 LIM-10P 1.2W
 Case Design  Drip and dust-proof
 ADC-12 M7, 5BG7/2
 Drip and dust-proof
 ADC-12 M7, 5BG7/2
 Ambient Temperature  -10~+60℃  -10~+60℃
 Ambient Humidity  95% or less  95% or less
 Standard Weight  LIM-10A approx. 4.1kg
 LIM-10P approx. 4.0kg
 LIM-20A approx. 3.8kg
 LIM-20P approx. 3.7kg

● Specifications (Power supply box)
Input Voltage  AC 100/110 200/220V 50/60Hz
 Output  DC 24V 280mA
 Max. Set to be Supplied  LIM-10A 1set, LIM-10P 2sets
 LIM-20A 1set, LIM-20P 2sets
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